Google+ Interesting Stuff On The Internet: December 2012

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

How to Send up to 10GB Files From Gmail Inbox With Google Drive

Sending large files will no longer be a difficult task if you are a Gmail user as Google have announced a new feature in Gmail called Google Drive.

This you can do from the Gmail’s New Compose Window right from your inbox. You can attach and send files up to size 10GB without any stress.

To send files with Google Drive, follow the steps below;

1.     From your Gmail inbox click on compose. If you don’t have a Gmail account you can open one here .
2.     A New Message window will open.
3.     On the bottom of the “New Message” window you will see an icon like a “plus sign”, point your cursor arrow on it and it will display all the hidden icons. 
4.     Click on the “Google Drive” icon. A new window will open.
5.      From the new window, click on select files from your computer or from any of the locations stated at the left side of the window select files. After select the first file, click on attach another file on the bottom left side of the window to attach another file
6.     Click send when you are done attaching.
7.     The files are sent to the recipient(s) as the case may be.

With this simple step by step guide you can send files as large as 10GB from your Gmail inbox with Google Drive.
Google have Google Drive for different platforms which you can download from the web. It also have a premium version that allows you attach and send larger files.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

How to Transfer Etisalat MB To Another Phone

You can now transfer Etisalat MB to another phone. This service is now available for those who want to share their etisalat data plan MB or free etisalat MB for browsing the internet with friends and loved ones who are on the same etisalat network.

To transfer etisalat MB for surfing the net from your Etisalat number to your friends or loved ones who also use Etisalat network, simply dial *229*the persons phone number* amount of MB#. For example *229*08091111111*15# and in the next minute you will receive a thank you call from the person for transferring etisalat MB to them.

This simple step is all it takes to transfer etisalat MB to another phone.