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Thursday, 12 September 2013

How To Transfer MB On MTN – MTN Data Share

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With the MTN data share service you can now transfer your mb for browsing with friends and family on mtn network. The MTN data share service allows you to share your mtn data plan with other mtn users. However you are required to register your mtn line for data share service.

How to Register For MTN Data Share Service

To register for mtn data share service, follow the steps below – 

·         Dial *131*2*1#
·         You will receive a message from the network telling you that you have successfully registered your mtn number for mtn services and that your default pin is ‘0000’. You will be rquire to change the default pin.

How to Change The Default Pin

You are required to change the ‘0000’ default pin to a new pin of your choice before you can use the mtn data share services.

To change the default pin follow the steps below –

·         Dial *131*2*5#

·         The network will reply ‘Enter old pin’

·         Enter the default pin which is‘0000’

·         The work will reply ‘Enter new pin’, enter the new pin of your choice eg. ‘2345’

·         The network will reply ‘Re-enter new pin’, enter the same new pin of your choice that is ‘2345’

·         You will receive an sms from the network confirming that you have successfully changed your pin. The sms will also contain your new pin.

How to Add Beneficiaries to Your MTN Data Share Services

The next step before you can share your mtn data bundle for browsing with your family and friends is to add beneficiaries to your mtn share data bundle account.
To add beneficiaries, that is, the mtn numbers you want to share you mb for browsing with, follow the step below – 

·         Dial *131*2*3#

·         Follow the command to add beneficiaries to your mtn data share account.

How to Transfer MB on MTN

To transfer mb on mtn data share simply

·         Dial *131*2*4#

·         Or send sms in this format “ Share <your pin>” to 131

·         Then follow the instructions

You have successfully transferred part of your mtn mb for browsing to another mtn number.


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