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Saturday, 10 August 2013

What Is A Blog

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A blog can be said to be a frequently updated chronological publication of an individual’s thoughts, activities, opinions and views on a particular subject, issue or topic. Blog is a short form of weblog. They are arranged from the most recent post on the main page to the older post at the bottom page.
In most cases, blogs are written and updated regularly by one person on a particular topic. Except in cases of guest blogging. You can blog on virtually any topic ranging from weight loss, exercise, hobbies, spirituality, recipes, personal diaries, internet marketing, love, relationship, sex, to anything you can think of. There are a whole lot of blogging communities around most of these topics, connecting people from different works of life and cutting across the globe. They learn from, share ideas as well as do business with people with similar interest.  

What Is Blogging

The art of writing and maintaining a blog is called blogging. A person that writes and maintains a blog is called a blogger. There are many blogging platforms available on the internet and one of them is which is owned by Google. It is a free blogging platform.
Some features found in blogger include 

1.      Profile
2.      Blog list
3.      Blog archive
4.      Pages
5.      Page header
6.      Labels
7.      Comment
8.      Subscription links
9.      Blog feeds
10.  Templates and many more

These features will make your blogging experience easy as a beginner. There are many other features not listed in this post but will be discussed in later post.

To start a free blog, go to to create an account for free. Your blog url will look like this Subscribe to this blog so that you don’t miss out on any post.   

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