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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

How To Upload 2go Profile Picture

People find it easy to chat with or contact you if you have a profile picture attached to your profile, be it on your 2go profile, facebook profile,
twitter profile or any other social networking site.

You can change your profile picture on your 2go chat profile or upload a new profile picture to your 2go account by following these steps.
Step 1
Login to your 2go account
Step 2
Click on My Profile on the Main Menu

Step 3
Select Edit and there will be popup menu.
Step 4
On the new popup menu choose where you want to upload your profile picture from and click on it. Either click on “profile pic from file” or “profile pic from cam” 
Step 5
Select your choice picture and click on save 
You have successfully uploaded a picture to your 2go mobile chat.


  1. very helpful! i love your site. keep it up

  2. Pls help me out, I finds so difficult to select my 2go profile picture with blackberry Q5.


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