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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Etisalat Easy Wallet: How To Carry Out Mobile Money Transactions
Etisalat Easy Wallet 
Etisalat Easy Wallet is an etisalat service that allows every Etisalat subscriber to access mobile money with ease. They can access mobile financial services with different banks.

Easy wallet is an Etisalat SIM application built with the latest security and technology available. It requires no download, code or installation and has a single interface to access and operate mobile money accounts.

With Etisalat Easy Wallet you can carry out the following transactions

1.      Top up or recharge your phone
2.      Transfer money from bank account to mobile wallet
3.      Receive money and send money to friends and family
4.      Pay bills
5.      Purchase goods and services

It is easy to locate and use on all Etisalat SIMs with simple registration steps and user friendly. Follow the steps below to start enjoying Etisalat Easy Wallet services on your phone.

1.      From the Etisalat SIM menu on your phone select easywallet
2.      Select your preferred mobile money operator for that particular transaction
3.      Register your account
4.      Activate your account
5.      Fund your account and start using Etisalat Easy Wallet


  1. thanks dear. this makes my recharge on the go easier.

  2. How do I fund my easy wallet account

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