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Friday, 5 April 2013

2go Chat Registration

2go chat registration or 2go signup is as easy as chatting with friends using 2go messenger chat app on your mobile phone or PC.

2go chat makes mobile chat very easy for you to keep in touch even on the go. 2go messenger chat is the most popular IM chat application in Nigeria for PC, blackberry, android and other phone users.

2go registration can be done successfully by following the steps below


1.      From your phone browser, visit 2go official website

2.      Confirm your country by selecting your country from the options.

3.      Select your language and click on GO

4.      Put in your phone number and click on GO

5.      At this point the 2go registration form should appear. Fill in the form as appropriate. Choose your appropriate location as the chat rooms you will be allowed to enter is location based.

6.      Click on proceed to submit your form. At this point, if your registration is successful your username and password will be shown to you.

7.      You will have to download 2go chat app now. Select your phone model and manufacturer and your 2go download will start immediately.

Your 2go registration is completed and successful if you followed the steps above.


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  2. i appreciate this info, i now have a 2go account

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