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Friday, 31 August 2012

How to Chat on Skype

how to chat on skype,skype

You can chat with anyone on Skype for free, be it your friends, family members, business partners or colleagues at work. There is no special procedure required for you to chat on Skype with anyone. You can easily keep in touch with anyone, plan your weekend with friends and family, pass vital information to your colleagues and any other person and even invite people to occasions and events you are hosting on Skype. Here is how to chat on Skype.
1.      From program on your laptop or computer, click on Skype.

2.      Log on to your Skype account using your Skype username and password.

3.      Click on the “contact” tab located on the left corner of your Skype application window. All the names in your contact list will appear for you to select and start chatting on Skype.

4.      Select the contact you want to chat with by clicking on it. The chat window will appear.

5.      On the bottom part of the chat window, there is a text box in which you will type your message. After typing your message, click on the blue talk button on the right side of the message box to send an instant message.

These simple steps are how to chat on Skype at no cost.

If the bubble against any contact is green in colour it means that the said contact is online and available for chat. If it is ash or black it means that the contact is offline but can see the time and date your message was sent when he or she comes online. You can add more people to your chat by clicking on the circled “plus” button in your Skype chat window.  

Stop thinking of how to chat on Skype, just follow the steps above to get started.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

How To Download Skype For Windows

Skype is a free voice and messenger chat system that allows unlimited messaging and Skype to Skype calling. You can easily download Skype from your computer, laptop or mobile device. It also offers a cheap Skype to phone calls at a flat rate anywhere in the world. It only takes a few minutes to download Skype for windows. All it requires to download Skype is a computer or a laptop with internet connection. If you want to download Skype for mobile devices make sure that your device has internet access.
Follow the steps bellow to download Skype.

1.      From your browser, access

2.      From the Skype home page click on get Skype

3.      On the dialogue box that displays click on windows to download Skype for windows  

4.      On the prompt box that appears on your screen, click on save file.

5.      Open the downloaded Skype file and follow the simple steps in the set up wizard to complete your installation.

6.      Finally open and sign in to Skype with your Skype username and password.

Stop asking yourself how do i download Skype, just follow the simple steps above to download Skype for windows and start calling and chatting with your friends anywhere in the globe.

Monday, 13 August 2012

How To Send Free Text Messages Online Through SMSConnect

You may be saying to yourself, text messaging, can i send it for free? Worry no more, here is the answer. The internet is getting better every day and it is coming out with freebies almost daily. You can send free text messages online through Smsconnect. Smsconnect is powered by Vconnect, a very popular tele search and information service provider in Nigeria . Vconnect has over 250,000 listed businesses in their data base. With smsconnect, you can send ten (10) free sms/text messages free daily.

Follow the steps below to understand how to send free text messages online through Smsconnect.

 How To Send Free Text message on Smsconnect

ü  Go to and register as a new user. You will require a functional email address and phone number to do this.
ü  A verification code will be sent to the phone number you used during registration. This you will use to verify your phone number.
ü  Enter the code in the verification box provided on the registration form and click verify
ü  If the verification is successful, you will be prompted to complete your registration. Update your profile. The areas mark * on red are important.
ü  On completion you will be directed to your vconnect dashboard.
ü  On the dashboard, click on sms connect and you will be directed to the direct to sms composer where you will compose your message.
ü   After typing your message, input the phone number you want to send text message to.     
 ü  Click send and you are good to go.
This is how to send free text messages online through Smsconnect. You can also send free sms to any phone number by clicking here .
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Friday, 10 August 2012

How To Schedule A Post On Your Facebook Fan Page

As a Facebook page admin, you can now schedule a post to appear on page later. What this is saying is that as a Facebook page admin you can write a post and schedule it to appear on a date and time you chose before posting it. By this you can schedule post for upcoming events and many more to appear on the day of the event proper.

How To

From the sharing tool on your Facebook page

1.     Choose the post you want to add to your page
2.     Click on the icon that looks like time on the left side of the sharing tool
3.     Choose the year, month, day and time you want your post to appear
4.     Then click schedule.

You have successfully scheduled a post on your page. However it is noteworthy that you can schedule a post for up to six (6) months in advance.

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Thursday, 9 August 2012

How To Download Blogger App For Iphone

If you are a blogger or intending to be and has an iphone, this good news is for you. Google has made it possible for you to be blogging on the go from your iphone by unveiling the blogger app for iphone.  


The following features are available with blogger app for iphone

Ø  You can instantly publish a post to your blog
Ø  Save post as draft
Ø  You can easily navigate to blog posts and drafts from the list view
Ø  Easily include pictures in your blog posts by simply taking pictures with your camera within the blogger app for iphone or you can choose from your gallery.
Ø  Add location to your blog post by selecting your current location from the My Location bar
Ø  By selecting blogger from the options menu bar of apps, you can send links and photos directly to your blog.
Ø  Also you can add labels to your blog post.

With blogger app for iphone on your phone there are no limitations to your publishing post to your blog. 

To Download

From your iphone browser go to 

It is compatible with iphone and ipod touch.