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Thursday, 9 August 2012

How To Download Blogger App For Iphone

If you are a blogger or intending to be and has an iphone, this good news is for you. Google has made it possible for you to be blogging on the go from your iphone by unveiling the blogger app for iphone.  


The following features are available with blogger app for iphone

Ø  You can instantly publish a post to your blog
Ø  Save post as draft
Ø  You can easily navigate to blog posts and drafts from the list view
Ø  Easily include pictures in your blog posts by simply taking pictures with your camera within the blogger app for iphone or you can choose from your gallery.
Ø  Add location to your blog post by selecting your current location from the My Location bar
Ø  By selecting blogger from the options menu bar of apps, you can send links and photos directly to your blog.
Ø  Also you can add labels to your blog post.

With blogger app for iphone on your phone there are no limitations to your publishing post to your blog. 

To Download

From your iphone browser go to 

It is compatible with iphone and ipod touch.

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