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Monday, 6 August 2012

How to Send Apps to phone

The internet has made it possible for users to send apps to phone even if your phone does not have internet access. Most phones today have the capability to download and install applications even if the apps are not created by the cell phone company. Most apps companies are creating apps in different versions. This is to enable different phone makes to have a version that can work with their different phone types and series.  
To send apps to phone from your PC or Laptop, follow the instruction below

1.      Go to a website that allows you download apps free or paid from your browser and go to the download apps section. You can search for such site on Google.

2.      Select your phone model and the website will find the version of the app suitable for your phone.

3.      Click on the app you want to download to your phone

4.      Enter your phone number in the “enter phone number” section on the website.

5.      Within a few minutes you will receive a text message with instructions on how to download apps to your phone.

You can send apps to phone using the steps above irrespective of your phone type or make. However, some apps are paid for before you can send or download them to phone while others are free. It all depends on your choice of app, phone make and series.

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