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Friday, 27 July 2012


In Nigeria and across the world, sms (short message service) and text messaging are fast becoming the most used means of communication by the massive population of internet and GSM phone users. This can be said is due to the cheapness of communicating via sms and text messaging than voice calling.

The internet has brought a lot of goodies to its users. These goodies include sites that can actually allow users to send free sms to any phone number in the world. Some of these sites require the users to sign up while others don’t. All you need do is just go to the website and send your message to the phone number of your choice.

Today, I will be sharing one of those websites with you as a birthday token and to appreciate you for always stopping by to view my blog posts.
The website I will be sharing with you today is . This website does not require any protocol for you to send sms to any phone number in part of the globe. All you need is to :

-          - Go to
-          - Select your country and the dialing code appears automatically
-          - Type the phone number you want to send sms to
-           - Type your message
-          - Click on send
In a few seconds your message is delivered to its destination. You can send them a feedback if you think they need to make any improvement.

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