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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

How To Download The BBC Olympics APP For Android

The BBC Sports has launched a new free application for Android devices that will offer comprehensive schedule and result pages, live events coverage, and daily news stories. This application allows users to save stories and news for offline reading making it possible for users to access the latest information even when mobile reception is not available.

The app make available to its user the games guide even on the go. It also allows live streaming, catch-up coverage and highlights as well as offers facts like medal tallies, statistics and other information. The app generates pages for every country, sport and athlete that is updated in real-time. Live daily text commentaries, news stories, detailed schedule and results section covering every Olympics event can also be accessed.

The app provides users the ability to personalize content.  They can add their favourite Olympics athlete and sports to the customizable tab bar, enabling quick access to the latest live action.
How To Download
To download the Android app now, go to the Android App Store on your Android device or visit

You can now have the Olympics game in your pocket everywhere you. With this BBC app, you will never miss any moment of the Olympic games.

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