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Monday, 16 July 2012

How to send free SMS from Yahoo Mail to any mobile

With the new yahoo mail interface it has become very easy to send free SMS to any mobile phone. No registration is required, all you need is a free Yahoo Mail account and the mobile phone number you want to send the free SMS to.

However, you will need to switch over to the new Yahoo Mail if you are still using the classic Yahoo Mail. Follow this simple procedure to send your free SMS to any phone number of your choice.

1.       Login to your Yahoo Mail account. If  you are still using the classic yahoo interface you will have to click on “New Yahoo Mail” link at top right for switch to the new Yahoo Mail.
2.      Go to your “inbox” and click on “compose message”
3.      From the drop down menu click on “SMS”
4.      From the dialogue box that appears from the above action, select you country and the “send text message” will appear.
5.      Enter the mobile phone number.
6.      Type your SMS text in the “new text message form” and click on send.

Your SMS text will be delivered to its destination in a matter of a few seconds.

I will be sharing a website that allows you send unrestricted SMS text messages to any phone number in any part of the world absolutely free as a birthday gift and to appreciate you for always stopping by to view my blog post next week.   

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