Google+ Interesting Stuff On The Internet: July 2012

Friday, 27 July 2012


In Nigeria and across the world, sms (short message service) and text messaging are fast becoming the most used means of communication by the massive population of internet and GSM phone users. This can be said is due to the cheapness of communicating via sms and text messaging than voice calling.

The internet has brought a lot of goodies to its users. These goodies include sites that can actually allow users to send free sms to any phone number in the world. Some of these sites require the users to sign up while others don’t. All you need do is just go to the website and send your message to the phone number of your choice.

Today, I will be sharing one of those websites with you as a birthday token and to appreciate you for always stopping by to view my blog posts.
The website I will be sharing with you today is . This website does not require any protocol for you to send sms to any phone number in part of the globe. All you need is to :

-          - Go to
-          - Select your country and the dialing code appears automatically
-          - Type the phone number you want to send sms to
-           - Type your message
-          - Click on send
In a few seconds your message is delivered to its destination. You can send them a feedback if you think they need to make any improvement.

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Friday, 20 July 2012

How To Download Nimbuzz For Android

Nimbuzz is an app that allows you to chat online, make calls, exchange instant messages, send files and photos from your phone for free. Installing Nimbuzz on your phone will enable you to talk to people all over the World much cheaper and even for free.

All your contacts from your social networks and IM services are pulled together in one place by this app, enabling you exchange messages with all your friends on networks such as MSN, Skype, AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, Jabber, Facebook, and MySpace.

Managing Your Contacts

Nimbuzz user interface combines all your contacts from various networks into one place, making it possible for you to see who is online at any time. Contacts are placed in alphabetical order and each has a different icon depending on the network they belong to.
All you need is to tap on a person's name and then select an icon to chat, call, view their profile or send multimedia. The call option is only available for the services that support VoIP such as Google Talk, MSN, Skype, etc. The voice quality is very good if the signal is strong.

NimbuzzOut service allows you to call mobile and landline numbers internationally at significantly reduced rates. It also supports free SMS messaging and can import all your phone contacts into the app for faster access. There is an inbuilt plush dialer in the app so you don't need to use the default Android keypad.

In summary, the following can be done with Nimbuzz for android
  • Supports a wide range of networks
  • Organizes contacts very well
  • Offers lots of ways to communicate
  • Free text messaging
  • See the last time your friend was seen on Nimbuzz
  • Send file in the back ground while you continue with your chat, call, picture or music
  • Get notified by a buzz when a new chat comes online
To download Nimbuzz for android, go to
You can send them feedback if you think there is something they forgot to add into the app.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

How To Download The BBC Olympics APP For Android

The BBC Sports has launched a new free application for Android devices that will offer comprehensive schedule and result pages, live events coverage, and daily news stories. This application allows users to save stories and news for offline reading making it possible for users to access the latest information even when mobile reception is not available.

The app make available to its user the games guide even on the go. It also allows live streaming, catch-up coverage and highlights as well as offers facts like medal tallies, statistics and other information. The app generates pages for every country, sport and athlete that is updated in real-time. Live daily text commentaries, news stories, detailed schedule and results section covering every Olympics event can also be accessed.

The app provides users the ability to personalize content.  They can add their favourite Olympics athlete and sports to the customizable tab bar, enabling quick access to the latest live action.
How To Download
To download the Android app now, go to the Android App Store on your Android device or visit

You can now have the Olympics game in your pocket everywhere you. With this BBC app, you will never miss any moment of the Olympic games.

Monday, 16 July 2012

How to send free SMS from Yahoo Mail to any mobile

With the new yahoo mail interface it has become very easy to send free SMS to any mobile phone. No registration is required, all you need is a free Yahoo Mail account and the mobile phone number you want to send the free SMS to.

However, you will need to switch over to the new Yahoo Mail if you are still using the classic Yahoo Mail. Follow this simple procedure to send your free SMS to any phone number of your choice.

1.       Login to your Yahoo Mail account. If  you are still using the classic yahoo interface you will have to click on “New Yahoo Mail” link at top right for switch to the new Yahoo Mail.
2.      Go to your “inbox” and click on “compose message”
3.      From the drop down menu click on “SMS”
4.      From the dialogue box that appears from the above action, select you country and the “send text message” will appear.
5.      Enter the mobile phone number.
6.      Type your SMS text in the “new text message form” and click on send.

Your SMS text will be delivered to its destination in a matter of a few seconds.

I will be sharing a website that allows you send unrestricted SMS text messages to any phone number in any part of the world absolutely free as a birthday gift and to appreciate you for always stopping by to view my blog post next week.   

Friday, 13 July 2012


Etisalat is one network in Nigeria that offers free internet browsing to its subscribers. It offers its subscribers a 15MB internet browsing free every week. 15MB may seem small but for the fact that it is free, it is worth appreciating.

However, for you to enjoy this 15MB weekly free internet browsing there are conditions you are required to meet up with. All you need is to make a weekly one time recharge of your phone with N200 worth of air time. In addition your Etisalat SIM must be the Easy Cliq data plan for you to be part of this freebie. If you already have the Easy Starter data plan SIM do not worry. You can migrate to Easy Cliq by dialing *244*1N

In summary, the following steps will automatically give you the 15MB weekly free internet browsing on Etisalat Easy Cliq data plan.
-          Buy an Etisalat Easy Cliq SIM pack
-          Register your SIM
-          Activate the gprs / wap / internet browsing on your phone. To activate Etisalat internet browsing text ‘SETTINGS’ to 790 to receive and save the internet settings for automatic configuration.
-          Recharge your phone with N200 worth of air time – and the 15MB of free internet browsing is automatically activated on your phone.
The good news is that the N200 worth of air time is still very much available for you to make calls or send sms. Apart from the 15MB free internet browsing, Etisalat also offer unlimited free sms, 10 free on-net MMS, free night calls, lower off-peak call rates and many more to its Easy Cliq subscribers. To check the balance of your free internet browsing bandwidth dial *228N.

For more information or any inquiries about Easy Cliq weekly free internet browsing and other issues regarding Etisalat data plans and more call their customer care on 200 from your etisalat phone and 08090000200 from other networks.