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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Making Signature To Gmail

Making signature to your Gmail account is one the best ways to show case who you are and also a top marketing tip
. A signature refers to those personalized text such as your website url, contact information or designation that is automatically inserted at the bottom of every message you send.

If you add signature to Gmail, it makes your Gmail account look more official, especially if it is a business email signature.

 Signature on Gmail is one of the very power features of a Gmail account. It is also very easy to add a signature to Gmail, just follow these steps…

Steps To Add Signature To Gmail

1.      From your Gmail account click on the gear icon in the upper right side ( the settings icon after the next button on your Gmail inbox)

2.      Select settings

3.      Enter your signature text in the box next to signature option

4.      Click on save changes

You have succeeded in making signature to Gmail.


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