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Monday, 22 December 2014

Christmas Holiday Safety Tips For Everybody

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Christmas and new year is hear again! If you are reading this now congratulations for making it to another Xmas and new year. However, while you celebrate you should be safety conscious. Remember that your health and safety is a determinant factor if you will live to see the next Christmas season.

Here are some Christmas holiday safety tips to keep you safe this yuletide. 

1.      Check all sets of lights before putting up Christmas decorations at home:
Before you put the lights on the Xmas tree or around the front windows, check the cords closely. Discard any sets that are frayed or damaged.
2.      Buy and install battery operated smoke alarms:
With family and friends spending extra time at your home over the holidays, it is a great time to buy and install smoke alarms. Replace them if you already have and they are old. Remember that you need working smoke alarms on every storey of your home and outside all sleeping areas. Test alarms to ensure they will alert you and your family if fire occurs, giving you the precious time you need to escape safely.
3.      Make sure everyone knows how to get out of a building safely if fire occurs:
Develop and practice a home fire escape plan with all members of the household and make sure someone helps young children, older adults or anyone else that may need assistance to evacuate. Once outside, stay out.
4.      Use extension cords safely & wisely:
People often use extension cords for charging of phones, laptops etc. extension cords should be used only as a temporary connection. Make sure cords never go under rugs or carpets as this can cause damage to the cord and cause fire. Please do not use China cords.
5.      When you go out, blow out:
Candles can set the perfect mood for a holiday celebration, but remember to always blow out candles before leaving the room or going to bed. Keep lit candles safely away from children and pets and anything that can burn such as curtains, upholstery or holiday decoration.
Please be candle safe!
6.      Keep matches and lighters out of the sight and reach of children:
People often keep matches and lighters handy to light holiday candles, cook, and do all sorts of home things. But matches and lighters can be deadly in the hands of children. If you smoke, have only one lighter or box of matches and keep them with you at all times.
7.      Watch what you cook and eat:
The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year, which means it’s easy to get distracted from what we are doing. Cooking fires most commonly occur when cooking is left unattended. Always stay in the kitchen when cooking, especially if using oil. If a pot catches fire, carefully slide a tight-fitting lid over the pot to smother the flames and then turn off the heat.
8.      Encourage smokers to smoke with extreme care:
Careless smoking is one of the leading causes of fatal fires anywhere around the world. Make sure that anyone smoking around you observes due caution and puts off the cigarette butt appropriately.
9.      Do not drink & drive…if you must drink, please drink responsibly:
With all the festive cheers this time of the year, keep a close eye on anyone attempting to cook or smoke while under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol boozing is all too often a common factor in many fatal accidents and fires: More so, you may end up sleeping with a stranger if you are single and drunk.
10      Stay out and away from fireworks (Bangers): Fireworks are often used to mark special events and holidays. But they are not safe in the hands of unorganized public. It causes burns, eye injuries and catastrophic fires. Please stay out of it and do not get involved. Remember: Water boils at 212 F, Cakes at 350 F, while Fireworks/Bangers at 1200 F.
11      Finally…Merry Xmas & A Prosperous 2015

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