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Thursday, 17 November 2016

Jumia Black Friday: Tips To Be Successful With Jumia Online Shopping

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Jumia Black Friday 2016

Jumia Black Friday 2016 officially took off on the 14th of November. This online shopping fiesta will end on the 25th of November 2016. It is a 12 days long sales with mega deals and very high percentage in price reduction for goods. Up to 55% price slash!

One Unique thing about the 2016 black Friday sales is that each day is assigned to a particular category of products. All you need do is to be on the lookout for the day your favourite product will be feautured

To get all the information you need regarding the Jumia Black Friday sales, simply go to the Jumia Online Store

However, to be successful in this years black Friday sales you have to note the following

  1. Each day unlocks a new category of products and Black Friday deals.

You have to visit the Jumia website each day to access the deal of the day.

       2. Know the Jumia Black Friday deals schedule for each sales day

This is very important if you have a particular product in mind. are you in need of a Phone, to upgrade your home, or kitchen essentials? Do you want to do Christmas shopping for your husband and son? You can get all that information on the online store. 

        3. Be Sure to shop early

Be sure to give your target items a close monitoring and do your shopping early. This is because the higher the discount rate the faster the item disappears on the online store.  If you are interested is upgrading your PC and laptop, which is the category for today here is the Jumia online store for the deals of today 18th November 2016.

the 2016 Jumia Black Friday is a one of it's kind. So take advantage of it to get that item you have been wishing for but could not buy because of non availability of cash. Act now! Act fast! and don't be left out!

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