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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

How To Add Yahoo Mail Signature

You can add yahoo mail signature to your yahoo mail account to make it your outgoing mails look professional. A signature refers to any personalized text attached to the end of outgoing email messages.

Yahoomail signature features allows you to add information like personal contact, business address, website url link, personal and favourite quote or any text and in some cases pictures at the end of your outgoing mails.

Follow the steps below to add signature in yahoo mail.


1.      Sign in to your yahoomail account

2.      From the yahoo mail home page, click on the settings icon (the gear like icon on the top right)

3.      From the pull down menu, select mail option

4.      Click on signature, your current signature will appear, if don’t already have a signature click on show a plain text signature from the drop down menu.

5.      In the signature box create your desired signature

6.      Click on save

You have successfully set up your yahoo mail signature if you followed the steps to add signature to yahoo mail above.

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