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Friday, 8 June 2012

How To Chat With Your Facebook Friends Using 2go Application

2go application is a mobile messenger that allows you to communicate with your friends free of charge. This network allows you set up your profile, share pictures and files, talk to friends and meet new people.
2go is another free chat application that allow users to connect their 2go account to their facebook account so as to enable them chat with their facebook friends.

You don’t have a 2go account and application on your phone? Don’t worry, follow the step below to create one as well as download the software and application.

From your phone browser
2. Fill in your registration details properly
And you are good 2go.

How To Add Facebook friends

After installing the 2go application on your phone,
1. Go to "settings"
2. Then "gateways".
3. Click on "Facebook"
4. Enter your facebook username and password login details.
That's it. Whenever your Facebook friends are online, you will be notified and you can start chatting with them.

However, note that your facebook username is different from your facebook logging in email address. If you use your facebook logging in email address and password, 2go will not be able to connect to your facebook account. 
To get your facebook username go to to get your facebook username, then enter the username and your facebook logging in password in the password field and that’s all.
For example is my facebook username, so I just put "infodollarman" in the username field and my facebook password in the password field to give 2go access to my facebook account and not .
I will be glad if you tell me how helpful this is.

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