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Monday, 11 June 2012

Steps To Get Facebook Messenger On Your Phone

Facebook Messenger for Mobile is a mobile chat application that helps you stay connected on the go with friends on your phone or mobile device. This mobile app lets you message friends right on their phones or PC.

Facebook Messenger is integrated with your Facebook messages and chats, so you can access all your conversations right in the app on your phone. Each message you send through Messenger is  saved as part of your ongoing conversations on Facebook. It offers additional features like one-click access to messages through your phone, the ability to message friends, groups, mobile contacts and many more.

You can use facebook messenger to send and get massages, send messages to friends as well as attach photos. Facebook messenger is available to all phones.
You can download facebook messenger on phone by following the steps below.

1- Using the web browser on your computer to go the mobile messenger page on Facebook.
2- Click the "Get the App" button.
3- Enter your phone number
4- Click "Text Me the Link" after selecting your country code.
5- From the text sent to you on your phone, click the link that was text to you and this will take you to the down load page.
6- Click the install button.
7- After installation, using your normal facebook email and password log on to messenger.
To start a new conversation click on the compose button in the upper right corner. To add people, simply type their names in the "To" field and select from the drop down list.

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